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Immi 2022

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The Process

"With a dream team of seasoned animators, incredible tech, and a passion for fun, immi had everything they needed to make a splash in the app marketplace. But what they didn’t have was a verbal, visual, and digital strategy for what they were providing, to generate real buzz and ensure greater staying power."

Jaylee Adams

Managing Director, TinyWins

The Strategy

"The immi app was powered by an immense amount of creativity. And by giving their users the ability to step into character, anytime, anywhere, they were empowering them to bring their own creativity to life. So when it came time to pick an archetype, the Creator was an easy call. But there was a playful, lighthearted side that needed to be captured as well — the personality of the Jester."

Lillian Marsh

Chief Brand Officer, TinyWins